Nice recording released at CLaves Records in May 2019. It gets a "CHOC of CLASSICA" Award.
 My painting "To invoke Pan ..." illustrates the cover!​


- André Jolivet in sound and colors:
"Pleasure of a bridge between music and painting, pushing the door to the inner areas of the composer André Jolivet.
The student Varese and Messiaen companion would just a hundred years. His music to cosmic dimensions, particularly he six Incantations and five Ascesis led to The Pier magical resonances between the colored flutes José-Daniel Castellon and against-points of a solid rhythmic painting, that of his wife, Françoise Castellon.
The public success says much interest such confrontations. "
Philippe Andriot - All Lyon Rhône-Alpes-23 December 2005.

 - Radio program "Persona Grata" produced by Muriel Martin September 8, 2009
On the occasion of the exhibition Françoise Castellon to Mary Ann gallery.
Interview on RCF

- BASA 2011: Participation in the program "Question News" on RCF Lyon:
Radio program by Jean-Christophe Galeazzi, September 26, 2011.
"The eighth biennial art sacred current began, more than 30 artists will exhibit works
to represent the Breath, the theme chosen for this year's event. "The sacred art, what is it?"
The director of the Biennale, Father Michel Durand, Françoise Castellon, painter and Danielle
Bonnetin, sculptor at the Biennale current sacred art help us to elucidate the question. "

- "When the music is looked and paint listened "
New private view, last Thusday, at the media library. Two fine-arts are married like are in the life Françoise et José-Daniel Castellon.
She's painter, he's flutist. In front of about fifty people, taken under a double charm, he interpreted modern and classic pieces in the middle of the paintings witch she exhibits.
Françoise Castellon, abstract painter, explains her approach : " I begin by studying a musical piece of a composer. I explore his music to understand that he wanted to express. Then, when it's time to express myself,  I paint while listening this music of course". She also find inspiration of her oils in Spiritual Writings ( sacred texts, poets, exegetes ...) as in meetings or in places which she feelsas marked with depth. 
J.J. Margaine, Manager Cultural, who welcomed the couple of artists on behalf of the municipality, has summarized this work in three words : "Brightness, intensity, warmth".
Jean Desfonds - The Progress/LYON  25 January 2015